Glass from Murano

For sale

Years ago we used to run a gallery and we still have a number of beautiful glass vases from that period, all of them hand-blown and limited editions from Murano/Italy. There are also a few special objects by Volker Kühn.

Because we are living in such strange times I finally had the time to put them online, so that they now are for sale at very interesting an sharp prices.

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Saskia van Es – 20 apr 2020

Mid March – the virus was in the news already – the annual jewellery week in Munchen took place. Despite cancellations there was still enough to see. Such as the remarkable performance ‘Passenger’, where I got on a van with a group of American jewellery makers. We passengers were allowed to take the pieces from the boxes while a story was being read. We wore blue gloves, part of the act of course. But I am sure I was not the only one on that van thinking of something medical.

Golden chemistry between clients

Goldsmiths and Sieraad Art Fair 

By: Esther Doornbusch 

Every year jewellery designers and goldsmiths Mirjam Jakubowski (1958) and René Vlasblom (1955) are present at Sieraad Art Fair: they have been participants from day One. Regular visitors of the fair recognize Mirjam by her wild, red curls and René by his unusual shirts.

The two of them make their own, individual work and work together under the labels Casjèh and Mayestic Muse.  Both brands are a guarantee for unusual, yet very wearable rings. The two goldsmiths also create jewellery together commissioned by private individuals. They share a studio in Culemborg and their new shop with adjoining studio will shortly open in the heart of the friendly, historical town of Buren.

Lecture Wallace Chan

By: Saskia Kolff- van Es

A technological tour de force – that is what Wallace Chan’s jewellery is. The pieces are large, colorful, studded with hundreds of precious stones and popular among royals and other rich people. The Hong Kong artist is a master in working with titanium and has invented a series of unique techniques and materials.


more than ever international

 We want to inform you with pain in our heart that due to all restrictions and uncertainties, second maybe third wave / outbreak of COVID-19 we are forced to postpone SIERAAD International Jewellery Art Fair to 2021.


SIERAAD a very special fair where artists from all over the world sell their jewellery directly and in person to shops, galleries and consumers SIERAAD Art Fair presents; unique, personally designed and crafted pieces of jewellery Here, the emphasis is on jewellery as pieces of art in which ideas are packaged in materials such as rubber, textile, photos, plastics, wood or ceramics, as well as silver and gold. Also on display will be traditional pieces of art produced by contemporary silver and goldsmiths. Artist-designers from all corners of the globe, including highly talented emerging designers from internationally acclaimed academies, will be exhibiting exciting work not found anywhere else.


The 19th edition of SIERAAD international Jewellery Art Fair will be held: November 11-14 2021. Same place!

Aletta Teunen

photo: : Erwin Maes
Stadsringen in roodgoud, witgoud en roodgoud 14 k met pavézetting onderrand

Marian Ripoll

Brooch Last Dance Last Chance
silver-recycled polyethylene in Red

Hoogenboom & Bogers

photo: Erwin Maes
one of a kind statement earrings with natural Edison pearls.15.5mm in size combined with 8 natural light pink diamonds_a total of 0,81ct _ in 18k gold.

Few catalogue available!

If you would like to receive a catalogue from SIERAAD Art Fair 2019 then please transfer € 15,00 (Europe) €22,00 (rest of the world) to our bankaccount: NL31RABO 0328 5054 20, EMB&B Art Events, do not forget to put your name and address, se we can send you the catalogue as soon as we received your transfer. If payed by PayPal € 17,00 (Europe) € 23,50 (rest of the world) to


If you want to participate in SIERAAD Art Fair, in 2021, we ask you to do the following: send us by WETRANSFER (ONLY wetransfer) all to be send to; info [at]

  • 10-12 good high resolution (min. 330 dpi ) photo’s of your work on a white background OR on a professional model (shoot)
  • a CV
  • artist’s statement and
  • all information on the pieces, materials, prices etc. all information on the pieces, materials etc. in the caption of each picture.

We do not look at any application if we do not receive all as asked up here, we receive so many applications it will take us to many hours to send emails to ask for all items missing in the application.

If we have downloaded your wetransfer you will receive a notification from wetransfer,  so you know we received your application. We will inform you of our findings in approximately 14 working days after we received the wetransfer map.
Send all between January 20. 2021 – March 25. 2021.


Jabukowski en Vlasblom

photo: Carola Doornbos
Rings from the collection: Casjeh


Necklace, 2018, silk, 925


Necklace, glass and nylon-coating wire


Bracelet, white gold


Art For Sale

Art For Sale

Normally speaking, we would have been quite busy in this period tying up loose ends for SIERAAD. In view of the current circumstances this time has now been spent to update the SIERAAD website and in doing so create an impetus for SIERAAD 2021 at the same time....

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Marjan Unger Tribute 2019

Marjan Unger Tribute 2019

Last year jewellery expert Marjan Unger passed away. Where there was jewellery, there was Marjan and she also left many a footprint on the floor of SIERAAD Art Fair. This year, in the central exhibition, in the heart of the fair, several well-known jewellery designers...

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All of the eight lectures that were presented during SIERAAD Art Fair were inspired by what occupied the mind of Marjan Unger, the jewellery expert who died last year. She had wide-ranging interests, from contemporary jewellery made of glass to trends in jewellery...

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Testimonial by Liisa Hashimoto, Japan

I have been exhibiting at Sieraad for five years now, sharing the stand with Iris from Insync Design. Every year I enjoy meeting all the artists from different countries, and meeting every year is like a reunion. In Japan, unfortunately, contemporary jewelry is not known too much to the public, so it is a good opportunity for me to see other artists’ works and exchanging information about the jewelry. As to the customers coming to Sieraad, I find many of them coming back every year. And usually they will kindly come back to our stand and enjoy looking at our new works of art. So, I try to show my works in a different way with different themes every year, always discussing with Iris how to display our stand. By exhibiting at Sieraad, I have been learning and thinking about the way of showing and selling my pieces, combining one-off pieces and production lines. It is not easy, but it is a good experience for me. Exhibiting at Sieraad is always my pleasure every year.

Liisa Hashimoto

Testimonial by Rachel Butlin, GB

First of all I would just like to say a huge thank you to Astrid and Maarten for an amazing show and time at Sieraad this year! Sieraad is a show I’ve always dreamed about being at and I was overjoyed this year to be accepted to exhibit. From day one the communication and organisation has been above and beyond and definitely made the lead up to the show alot easier as a first time overseas exhibitor. The show exceeded my expectations in every way from set up to visual appearance, visitors and response to my work. There was a wonderful mix of visitors from affluent public to international galleries, bringing a wealth of interest to our stand. I feel that the stand appearance and layout gives great visual variety and allows each participant to create their own stamp on the show by choosing colour and layout, which definitely sets this apart from other shows I’ve done. It was such a great pleasure to meet, network and socialise with so many other participants, creating relationships im sure will last on into the future. I was overjoyed with the response of my work at the show and it was lovely to receive such lovely comments and feedback from the Dutch public. Sieraad isn’t just a show, its a wonderful experience full amazing exhibitors, warm smiles, stunning jewellery and great visitors. Once again I would like to thank you all for such a great experience and i look forward to hopefully showing again with you soon.

Rachel Butlin

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